If you are serious about entering the online forex trading business, you should also provide adequate facilities to support it. For example, using Windows VPS to support your forex trading in the forex market. Why does it have to be a Windows VPS? For those of you who want to run an EA or Expert Advisor program (trading robot), VPS is a device that should not be ignored. Don’t be like those who think that operating a trading robot can be done without VPS. Before buying a trading robot there are various things that you should consider.

You absolutely must use the VPS service if you encounter the following obstacles:

  • The condition of the electrical connections in your office or home often turns off suddenly or is unstable.
  • An internet connection requires a long loading time and often even breaks. This certainly makes the trading robot become stuck.
  • Non-limited quota rates every month that must be paid to support your autotrading is very high.
  • You have difficulty making trading robot computers continue to be active for 24 hours without problems, because they have to use computers in turn.
  • The autotrading process is often interrupted due to various disturbances.
  • Computers that are constantly on are at risk of the device getting hot and eventually damaged.
  • Having difficulty activating trading robots 24 hours a day at home.

All of these problems can be overcome with Windows VPS. It will guarantee top-notch quality services to support your autotrading system without stopping with Expert Advisor. In addition, Windows VPS also provides a complete virtual desktop and runs on Windows operating systems. A stable and fast network connection will facilitate you in activities in the forex market for profit.

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Windows VPS services can be accessed at any time for 24 hours with remote control or remote desktop connection. This means where and whenever you are free to manage automated trading with your account.

Windows Based VPS

Some trading applications can only be operated only on Linux or Windows operating systems. However not a few applications that can be applied to the two most popular operating systems in the world. For Windows it can be applied to programming languages ​​such as C #, VB Development, Cold Fusion, ASP.NET, Access and other products made by Microsoft. The easy features of Windows Remote Desktop makes windows vps best for running Forex programs in cloud.

To run the MetaTrader trading platform, namely MT4 or MT5 you can use Windows 7 / Server 2012. That version can be said to be quite stable for your trading activities. To get the right service provider, make sure there are guarantees available, among others, 99.9% uptime guarantee, Full SSD Disk Storage, can improve service at any time as needed, and certainly can support MT4 or MT5 programs.

With Windows VPS after installing the next trading software, you must also install EA or your trading robot. This can be done simply, as if you were installing your computer at home. Likewise, the method of operating Windows VPS, is really the same as running a personal Windows computer or like a computer in the office.