Powerful And Cheap Windows VPS

All our US Unmetered Windows VPS are hosted on Powerful Dual E5 CPUs with mutiple SSD drives on RAID Array. Powered by Hyper-V Technology.

Starting at $12.00/monthly


Pick a Plan that Works for Your Business Model

Below are our US Based Windows VPS Web Hosting Packages.

6.00$ / monthly
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Ideal For Web Surfing, Running Small Bots

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 2GB Dedicated RAM
  • 20GB SDD Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • RDP Enabled
  • Instant Setup
$10.00 / monthly
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Ideal For Running SEO Tools And Traffic Bots.

  • 2 CPU Core
  • 4GB Dedicated RAM
  • 40GB SDD Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • RDP Enabled
  • Instant Setup
$19.00 / monthly
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Ideal For Running SEO Tools, Web Scraping, Bots

  • 3 CPU Core
  • 8GB Dedicated RAM
  • 80GB SDD Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • RDP Enabled
  • Instant Setup
$36.00 / monthly
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Ideal For Running Multiple SEO Tools, Web Scraping, Bots

  • 4 CPU Core
  • 16GB Dedicated RAM
  • 120GB SDD Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • RDP Enabled
  • Instant Setup

WindowsVPS.Host Offers You Affordable Cheap Windows VPS

Service is our highest priority! Our expert team is here to help you 7 days a week and we strive to provide the best customer service possible. If you have a problem we will investigate it, find a solution, test the solution, and then send you a full explanation.

We insist on using only enterprise-grade hardware to host your websites, emails, Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers.

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Windows VPS features

Why We Are Better Than Others ?

Hyper-V Powered

Increased stability is another benefit of the compartmentalization that comes with Hyper-V.

Powerful Hardware

We run Intel Dual Xeon processor providing multiple cores of awesome. Attach that to our RAID10 array of SSDs.

Full Access

VPS Servers offer full Administrator access. You can install any programs or services as you prefer.

Blazing Fast Connection

Each Windows VPS comes with 1Gbps port speed, allowing you to transfer files without any bottlenecks.

Fast Setup

Upon making a successful payment your server will be shortly set up and your details will be emailed to you.

Windows License

The operating system licenses are always included, even for the latest versions of Windows Server 2019.

Earn Great By Reselling Our Products.

We can offer good discounts for bulk orders, please get in touch with our sales staff with cheaper pricing solution.

How Could Your Business Benefit From Features of Cheap Windows VPS?

Courtesy virtualization technologies, Windows virtual private server hosting has attained lot of popularity and has been excelling with regard to speed and performance. No wonder Windows VPS hosting has been steadily climbing the ladder of fame with time. Here are attributes of Windows VPS hosting:

Freedom from Free Web Hosting

Windows VPS hosting come with features such as hassle-free scaling and helping with the reliability of organizations.

Thanks to cheap windows VPS any one can come off the free web hosting. The free web hosting providers cram servers with websites and a business organization can only jeopardize their credibility with free services.

With dependable cheap windows VPS hosting option becoming available now users can reap benefits of hosting their businesses on dedicated server custom designed to serve the website sans troubles.

Windows VPS Hosting A Logical Option

A windows virtual server renders access to the server environment unlike the shared hosting. Online businesses leverage the VPS hosting in order to up their businesses’ online footprint owing to increased security and privacy offered by the hosting environment.

Most entrepreneurs seek VPS hosting backed by windows OS. In a VPS hosting scenario, website or web applications are hosted on a virtual server, which is a part of a powerful physical server. Many virtual servers are isolated from each other and these can enjoy independent access to all of the server resources such as RAM, CPU power and so on.

There are many virtual servers within a physical server in a VPS hosting package. A Virtual Private Server facilitates not only simple but even large and complex websites ensuring robust security of the data. VPS hosting being in a shared arrangement, organizations and businesses enjoy benefits akin a dedicated server albeit at much lower cost.

VPS hosting users can up the resource availability of a virtual server per their requirements. Windows VPS hosting offers greater availability of bandwidth helping users to even streaming services of the most complex media applications as well.

With Microsoft continuously working on perfecting its offerings most hassles and issues within the framework are fixed before users even start complaining.

Users can access features offered by Windows VPS including but not limited to e instant and scheduled updates, superior customer service, and a quick and responsive technical support.

Web Administration Becomes Easy

The seamless compatibility of Windows OS enables users for easy execution of data transfers in and out of their Virtual Private Servers. This alone makes the Windows VPS hosting an ideal choice.

Virtual Private Server Hosting comes with Linux as well as Windows operating system. Windows OS is user friendly and is a familiar interface for many and hence it simplifies the server management by even novices.


To sum up, Windows VPS hosting continues to empower small and medium businesses with premium resources comparable to those that come with dedicated hosting. If you are looking for a private server go for cheap windows VPS hosting!

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