change default rdp port in windows server

By default, Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) uses port 3389. we can change this default settings for security reasons. Let’s get started :

  1. Login to your Windows server via Remote Desktop.
  2.  Click on Start > Run > Type REGEDIT and hit enter. This will open registry editor.

3. Locate and click following registry sub-key.


4. Double click on the PortNumber registry subkey, select the Decimal base. Type new port number in Value data field and click OK to save the changes.

5. Quit Registry Editor.

6. Open this new port in Windows firewall. Otherwise, Windows firewall won’t allow you to access your server using new Remote Desktop port.

7. Restart the server.

8. Now connecting the server, you will need to use following format IP:Port, as shown in the picture below