Forex trading means foreign exchange trading. For anyone venturing into Forex trading, high internet speed and connectivity are the foremost requirements and the most valuable assets. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name suggests, VPS is a unique virtual server that accommodates several other virtual servers on the same computer or machine. The exclusive feature of a VPS is its dedicated virtual server system, meaning each VPS server conducts its functions independent of each other. Therefore, in a VPS hosting server, many users could be using it simultaneously, but each VPS dedicates to hosting only one user.
Windows VPS is becoming extremely popular and the preferred choice of VPS for forex trading. The reason is that Windows is a reliable and trustworthy company and because Windows VPS uses windows technology, and there are many windows users worldwide.

Five important reasons to use Windows VPS for Forex Trading

1. Ease of trading anytime and anywhere

Forex trading as a business is open to everyone from diverse backgrounds and age groups. While the younger generation of traders can be more tech-savvy, some traders prefer using their personal desktop computers. Moreover, in some cases, forex brokers do not provide mobile trading platforms. In either case, there is a hindrance to trade anytime and anywhere. However, with a network connection and a Windows VPS installed, a trader can trade anytime and from anywhere. Windows VPS achieve this in two ways:

  • Windows VPS can support up to about 99.9 percent uptime. Uptime is a measure in percentage of the total time that a service (VPS server) is available online, 365 days per year. So with an uptime of almost 99.9%, traders can trade anytime and anywhere.
  • Windows VPS service provides a personal VPS account to their trader clients, which grants them easy access to their trading accounts and platforms anytime, anywhere.
    These features of the accessibility to trade anytime and anywhere mean a trader can make money without any hindrances.

2. A private and secure hosting server

When you use a Windows VPS for your forex trading, you have the assurance of robust privacy and best security against any security breaches in your system or your data. All your data is private and completely inaccessible from that of other user’s data on a virtual server. Windows VPS services include:

  • Regular monitoring to check the smooth functioning of the system, servers, and hardware.
  • Provide antivirus and firewalls for protection against any virtual threats and malware.

These aspects are crucial to a forex trader who wants privacy, security, and protection of their trading accounts.

3. Trading against all odds – power outage and low internet connectivity

Forex trading is done electronically over-the-counter (OTC), which means all transactions worldwide occur online through computer networks. It points to the importance of high internet speed and good internet connectivity. The usage and need for high-speed internet connection for forex trading are for two primary purposes – downloading data and uploading data. High download speed is crucial for retrieving precise market data; and, high upload speed is equally important to perform the trade accurately. Similarly, a trader needs to be online to keep a check on the trading performance.
Windows VPS comes to the rescue for high-speed performance and internet connectivity for you to host your trading platform. For a manual or small quantity trader, a VPS is not very essential. However, for automated trading accounts with expert advice (EA), a trader can trade continuously even if the power supply goes out or with low internet connectivity issues.
Staying online 24*7 with Windows VPS is possible because:

  • Windows VPS does not require any additional PC or smartphone to host your trading platform. Multiple sources power a Windows VPS system. Therefore, it is a reliable system service that provides you the benefit of staying online 24*7, irrespective of a power outage in your area or locality.
  • Windows VPS functioning does not depend on internet connectivity. With a Windows VPS, a trader can restart or reboot the VPS independently anytime. Besides, a Windows VPS is conveniently accessible from any part of the world.
  • Therefore, with a Window VPS installed, a trader needs not worry about suffering losses in trading due to the inaccessibility of staying online for trading because of power failure or disconnection from internet connectivity.

4. Sensitive high latency and protection against slippage
Forex trading is a time-sensitive business. Speed is the most crucial factor for conducting successful forex trading. Sometimes, even the slightest slippage and latency can result in a heavy loss. Latency is an expression of the speed it takes to execute an order. Slippage is the occurrence of different prices other than expected. It can be either during an entry or during the exit of a trade. Low latency results in great chances of trade slippage.
Since Windows VPS have a design construct of high-speed performing channels, executing a forex trade through Windows VPS is faster than even a high-performing computer. It means Windows VPS provides high latency or transmission of orders for forex trade execution. It will ultimately give a forex trader will have fewer chances of slippage. Lessor low slippage means fewer losses at your trading – to close or to open a trade.
A forex trader should choose a VPS service provider locating near their forex broker’s location. Windows, being a multinational company, a trader will ideally find a Windows VPS provider in the same country as that of the Forex broker. Even if not found in the same region, it will be easy to locate Windows VPS service providers on the same continent.

5. Overall impeccable service
Windows VPS offers high-speed performance and helps traders perform a seamless execution of their forex trading. It also allows a trader to hold multiple trading accounts by engaging with numerous brokers. Windows VPS takes accessibility of traders to their multiple trading accounts without overwhelming or affecting the performance of the desktop computer, laptop, tablets, or smartphones. Since Windows VPS services are all in the virtual environment, the scalability of VPS is very convenient and easy. Windows VPS services come with a 24*7 robust, dedicated, and top-notch customer and technical support team.